Monday, 18 July 2016

What Did You Say?

   I wear hearing aids due to working for years in very noisy electric power stations. Upon receiving the aids, I was instructed to wear them during the entire day except when on the water such as kayaking. That's all well and good but when one cycles in remote areas of Vietnam and Laos with very little traffic and noise, I couldn't see the sense of using them. And one doesn't talk that much when cycling on narrow roads as you and your cycling buddies are in a straight line so that you don't get hit by a stray vehicle.
   And then the odd time arises when one realises that the instructions of one's hearing aid's specialist should be followed. While cycling in Vietnam, we came across 2 lady cyclists from the Netherlands who were coming from the opposite direction. We chatted for awhile and then after saying "dag", we carried on with our travels with my group heading up a very steep mountain on a very hot day.
   After the very strenuous climb, we stopped and rested to catch our breath and drink the warm water from our water bottles. One of my fellow cyclists said to me: "That sure was a long hill since the Dutch girls." I replied "Dead squirrels? I didn't see any dead squirrels." She said while laughing her head off "Dutch girls - I said Dutch girls!"
   Yea well, maybe I should be wearing my hearing aids more often.
   I'm sorry - did you say something?

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